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Program Info:

The Jr Academy program provides the developmental bridge between recreational soccer and the Strikers SA Academy soccer.  In this program we will form teams in the U7 – U9 age groups. Our Jr Academy teams will participate in SCYSA Coastal league or Strikers Development League in various divisions and ultimately become part of our Academy program.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT is the core focus of our Academy program.  The program provides professional instruction for players who have a strong desire to increase technical skills & learn more about tactical aspects of the game.  The Academy trainers follow an established curriculum to best prepare the players for the most competitive levels available.


Professional Strikers SA coaches train each team
Players are expected to work at home on technical skills
Technical and some tactical training provided 2 times per week in 90  minute sessions
Players must be committed to training

U7 - U9 matches consist of 6-8 players per team competing in two 25 minute halves on a 50x35 yard field
Matches are usually on Saturdays & Sundays locally or in Charleston, SC
Teams typically participate in Two fall and two spring tournaments (Optional) Players Do not have to commit to tournament play!
Winning vs Development

Here is a great comparison of the different characteristics between coaches/programs that choose a “win at all costs” methodology at the younger ages and those who look to develop players with an understanding of what it takes to play soccer correctly at the highest level.

Objective: to Win Matches   Objective: to Promote Player Development
Program is selective, with preference given to players who are physically advanced.  Program is more inclusive, with preference given to players who show signs of intelligent soccer behavior.
Playing time is clearly unequal, with preference given to players with an advanced asset (speed, strength, powerful kick, etc.)  Playing time is more or less equal.
Technical development is underemphasized.   Technical development is given high priority.
Team tactics are overemphasized at an early age.   Tactics are slowly introduced over time beginning with individual tactics (e.g., 1v1 attacking/defending).
Players rely mainly on long passes and play faster than their skill level allows.  Players tend to dribble and make many short passes.
A few players take the majority of touches on the ball. All players are involved in the game and get many touches on the ball.
The goalkeeper kicks the ball as far as possible. The goalkeeper usually plays the ball to a nearby teammate to build the next attack.
Little thought is given to building the attack.  Usually the ball goes directly to the forwards via long passes instead of going through the midfield.  The ball generally advances from defenders to midfielders, with the game based on communication and cooperation.
When attacking there are few changes of directions. The point of attack is changed frequently with an eye toward creating spaces for penetration.
The ball is rarely played backwards. Instead, players play almost exclusively forward regardless of the situation. The ball is frequently played backwards to maintain possession, to find a way around pressure, or to draw the opposition out of a defensive posture.
 The style of play relies on the mistakes and weaknesses of the opposition to be successful.   The style of play demands self-reliance and reliance on one’s teammates to be successful.
Attacking play tends to separate forwards from the rest of the team, with longer passes over the top and forwards always turning toward goal.  Attacking play tends to connect the team with passes to feet and back passes from forwards that bring the rest of the team forward.
The match is the main focus.  The result is important.  The match is a chance for the players and the coaches to test what has been learned.
Training focuses on what needs to be fixed for the next match in order to get a result.  The match result controls the training content.  Training follows a curriculum. The match helps to determine if the players are ready to move on.  The program controls the training content.
Player future value is judged on current performance levels and contribution to winning.  Player value is judged based on uptake of the current curriculum content.
Players are cut from the team and new players recruited to take their place.   Players are allowed time to develop. Players are developed from within the program.

 Jr. Academy Club & Team Fees

Upon accepting the position offered on a Strikers SA Jr Academy Team, the parents of the player are responsible for the following Strikers SA club and team fees even if the player does not play the entire season.

A player will not be granted a release from Strikers SA until all Fees are paid in full and the player is in good standing with Strikers SA.

Strikers SA Club & Team Fees: $350.00 (Spring and Fall Season or $600.00 for the Year) for Jr Academy Player (Ages 6-9)

         1.  $175.00 (Payable to Strikers SA) Due at registration with paperwork.

         2.  Remaining $175.00 in 2 Installments of $87.50 (Due by the 1st of every month following registration)

Strikers SA Club Fee Includes:

2 Nights of Training per Week (3 hr a week)
SC Youth Soccer Registration Fees
US Club Soccer Registration Fees
Referee Fees
 League Fee

 Players will have an opportunity to participate in 1 or 2 tournaments, but this will be at an additional cost. Tournaments are optional for this age group.

***Lower Coastal Soccer adheres to a NO REFUND POLICY

For More Information Please Call Director of Coaching- Trevor Garbett (843) 580-3959 office, (843) 368-1553


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