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TTT Program:

Train the Strikers SA way, without needing to be part of a Strikers SA team. The TTT Program is a train only program. As soccer in the Low Country and Coastal Empire continues to grow Strikers SA sees a need to feel in the gaps for players missing out on quality training. The Total Technical Training program is designed to create dominate, confident players in the four 1v1 situation no matter of the level he/she is playing at. All training session are designed to give the players the optima amount of time on the ball as possible. The program will allow the player to become a faster and quicker thinker while he/she is in a game with the ball at their feet. Players will be encouraged to learn and master skills sets to help them master the four 1v1 situation.


Who is it for:


The TTT program was designed to fit many different player’s needs (U10-U18 Boys and Girls)


  • Recreational players that can’t commit to travel
  • Players that want the training to improve, so they can be a bigger factor for their school teams
  • Players that want extra training to make it to the next level but their club doesn’t offer the training or its just too much of an inconvenience
  • A player that is playing on a top-level team out of town but needs more quality training at home


How does it work:


Strikers SA runs 6 TTT session a week Monday-Friday. You can customize the training session to fit your needs. You can attend all six or just one, it depends on you. Maybe you already are training out of town 3 days a week but would like to get a session in every week at home that focus on just your technical skills. All TTT players will train alongside of the current Strikers SA players to ensure you receive a quality environment. TTT players are training only players and because they never play in games with Striker SA club affiliation does not matter.


When/Where is Training:


  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 6:45-8:15 at Pritchardville Elementary
  • Wednesdays, Thursday, and Fridays 5:15-6:45 at Pritchardville Elementary


What’s the cost:


  • Fall -August- December $350.00
  • Spring -January-May $350.00


For more info contact Academy Director Trevor Garbett


Phone- (843)-368-1553